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Custom Machining
We offer custom machining of all sizes of carbon, graphite, nylon, Delrin and bronze parts. With turning capacities up to 24” diameter and large milling capacities, we have the equipment and knowledge to manufacture most custom requirements. Let our 35+ years of machining experience help you select the right grade for your application and provide you with parts that meet your specifications and requirements.

CAD Drawings
Many small shops may not have justification to buy a CAD program or may not have anyone on staff who can operate the software. Machining Solutions offers CAD drawing services for any industry and any type of part. Scaled, dimensioned, section views, whatever your requirement, Machining Solutions can meet your needs.

CAM Programs
In a small shop which only has one or two CNC machines, it may be cost prohibitive to buy an expensive CAM program for the occasional job which may require it. Machining Solutions offers CAM program generating services for any industry and any type of part and material. Programs are generated to your tooling, spindle speed and feed rate requirements and are post processed for your exact machine.